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Senpai Fanfics

A fanfiction community for the Senpai groups

A community for Senpai Fanfictions! (T&T, TOKIO, K
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Hello everyone!

This is a community for fanfictions involving all our beloved Senpais (KinKi Kids; V6; SMAP; TOKIO; Shounentai, Kondo Masahiko, also Takki&Tsubasa...)

Alright... we are well aware of the fact that T&T actually aren't a Senpai group. Well...I personally think that Takki is made to be Senpai... theoretically... but actually they aren't counted to the Senpai-groups. The reason why we included them is that they aren't getting a lot of attention and a fanfiction community dedicated only to them is not really useful, right?

You can post every Senpai member related fanfiction here.


1) There must be at least one Senpai in the mainpairing [or in the maincast, if you write an AU story with more characters!]
2) If your fanfiction includes a non-Senpai main-pairing, but an important side-pairing (must at least appear in most of the chapters), it's okay to post it

3) Please do not change the fonts!!
4) Keep it nice! No bashing, flaming etc.

5) Use the Tags! They are here to use them! TAG LIST
6) If you need a tag that's not listed, feel free to ask us and we'll add it. (For example the only tags we left out for now are drama tags. We are willing to add them, if you need anything - just tell us^^) TAG REQUEST
--> There are tags for:
Characters, like: c: Kimura takuya
Pairings, like: p: kimura takuya/sakamoto masayuki
Lenght: l: multi-chapter
Genre, like: g: humour
Rating, like: r: pg
Group, like: group: shounentai

7) Keep banners under a lj-cut!

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profle by okimiyage